Villa named after its original owner Heinrich Steuer „The Steuer Villa“ is re-opened and re-enactment object near to the Krnov City Centre.

Villa was built in 1931 in late baroque style by Viennese architect Franz Wilfert.

The entrance to the Villa is lined with the pillars carrying the ledge with the roof, back track of a ground floor is completed with a patio and wide stairway leading to a first floor. There are two little balconies with fancy stoned balustrade on the left and back side of the building.

Inside the building is well-preserved spacious hall, which is panelled with lacquered wood, grandiose wooden stairway and richly decorated fireplace with ancient overmantels.

„The Steuer Villa“ belongs to a sight of Krnov, which is as it were intouched. One of the great presentable building in Krnov exemplifies languish interest bourgeoisie of Krnov about „up to date“ work of art, but strengthening trend towards historism and nostalgia.

Villa is surrounded by a lovely and poetic garden with 3600 square meter area, which dominate „Maple the Great“ listed in the official register of a protected trees.

Villa Cafe v Krnově hodnocení